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Acoustic Operable Walls / Movable Partition Systems offer a unique facility for utilising available space in the most practical manner.

Nationwide Operable Wall Services can source, install and maintain a wide range of Operable Walls , Moveable Partitions, Sliding Door Systems and Room Dividers from the top manufacturers and extremely competitive rates.

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Operable Wall / Movable Partition Systems consist of heavy panels suspended on rollers from a metal track.

There are many moving parts both within the panel and in the rollers.

Regular usage and the passage of time can result in wear and damage.

It is essential to observe regular service schedules.

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Health & Safety

Regular maintenance is desirable, but there is a requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act and Management at Work Regulations to maintain correct operation of these systems.

The minimum service interval is 12 months.

With Nationwide Operable Wall Services you can rest assured that these intervals are adhered to.

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