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Operable Walls Servicing


Health & Safety

The reaction of most companies with whom we have come into contact is one of surprise and relief to at last have discovered a company that can address the problems that can occur with these heavy systems. Usually, these problems have persisted for a long period, without the company concerned being able to trace the specialist skills required for dealing with them.

As well as regular maintenance being desirable, there is a requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Management at Work Regulations of 1999 to maintain the correct operation of these systems, with 12 monthly service intervals representing the minimum requirement. The Health and Safety Executive (H&SE) and your own Public Liability Insurers can only approve of any steps that you take to keep within their guidelines. The consequences of an incident occurring that involves a system which does not conform to the required service schedule could be very serious, particularly in these litigious times.

An agreement with Nationwide Operable Wall Services Ltd means you can rest assured that these intervals are adhered to. Your details will be placed on our extensive database which will ensure that you are contacted just before a service is due in order to arrange for the service to take place at a time that suits you. Risk Assessments and Method Statements will be provided prior to commencing work and a full Service Report will be submitted for your records.

A N.O.W. Services maintenance contract will cover your walls completely, and includes the demonstration to, and training of, your own staff in the correct handling of these systems.