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Operable Wall Maintenance


Operable Wall Maintenance

Operable Walls consist of heavy panels suspended on rollers from a metal track. There are many moving parts both within the panel and in the rollers. Regular usage and the passage of time can result in wear and damage. To keep your Operable Wall / Movable Partition Systems remain in peak condition and performance, it is essential to observe regular service schedules.

Problems that occur need to be resolved quickly. Problems have a tendency to get worse the longer they are left. The non-operation of a Movable Wall may cause loss of revenue if the wall cannot do the job it was designed for. We offer a prompt, efficient response, which includes a 24 hour emergency call-out service, specifically to address this issue.

Our technicians are experienced in all types of Operable Wall / Movable Partition Systems. Most problems can be resolved on site but, if necessary, we have the facilities for removing panels and repairing them in our workshop.